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Born on a beach

Why we created the Chonus bag

There's just something about bikes

They make you feel like a kid again, don’t they?  I still get a positive mood change every time I ride. And while I still love my mountain and road bikes, I spend much more time on my beach cruiser running errands or just riding around town.

Cyclist with Backpack

But there was a problem

The more I rode, the more I wanted to carry more stuff around. My old backpack did the trick for years until I got tired of a sweaty back… every… time… I… rode. Not cool… So I looked around for other options. 

And no appealing solution

Do I go with a front basket or maybe a rear rack over the back tire? Both would get the weight off my back, but I didn’t like any of the options I found at the time. So I stuck, reluctantly, with my backpack.

We didn't like anything we saw

While chilling on Hermosa Beach one day, watching the cruisers ride up and down, I  wondered why all the baskets were so dull. There were metal wire, girlie wicker, and even the odd milk crate strapped to a rear rack.

So we created something new!

That’s when I decided to create something new. Something that would not only be as functional as a traditional basket but would actually look great on my bike. That was the start of Chonus…


What We Believe.